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Download Void Goes Farming on iPhone or Android to unlock new content! Farm your way to riches and powerups. Fight your own allied units for enemy bounties! Share your score on Twitter!

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Save your gold to spend on new powerups and skills. Farm faster, do more damage, brag to your friends!

New Allied Units

Hone your last hitting skills by facing off against towers, range creep, and catapults!

Fight Through the Seasons

Fight in lava and cross rivers into the freezing snow. Go as far as you can—just don't miss!

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What is Dota 2™?

Dota 2™ is a competitive, team-based, free-to-play game developed by Valve Corporation. Try the game now!

What is "last-hitting?"

In Dota 2™, getting the last hit on an enemy creep yields extra gold to the player. Gold is then used to upgrade the player's hero. Due to this mechanic, last-hitting plays an important role in the game.

Who drew these great graphics?

The original art was drawn by GroovyGoblinLabs for their fan video "Faceless Void Goes Farming." Check out their Youtube channel here.