iOS 6 and app permissions

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iOS 6 introduces a new permission system for apps. Apps that read or write to the camera roll now require the new photos permission; prior to iOS 6, any app could save photos to the camera roll but required the location permission to read from it (as discussed previously). Though the new system might be confusing at first, we welcome the change as it provides users greater control over what apps can and can’t do with their data.

As a result, CameraSharp no longer requires the location permission to display your photos — due to the increased granularity of the permission system, it’s now necessary for geotagging only. The new photos permission is all that’s needed to take and display your photos.

If you inadvertently denied CameraSharp permission to access your photos when you first ran the app, then the app won’t work. Here’s how to fix that:

First, open the Settings app and tap on Privacy (you may have to scroll down a bit):

Privacy menu item in the iPhone Settings app on iOS 6


Next, find the Photos permission:

Photos item in the Privacy iPhone settings menu on iOS 6


Finally, move the slider next to CameraSharp to be in the “ON” position.