Free update: CameraSharp 1.5 with iOS 8 features, enhanced photo viewer, and more

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Last September, we released CameraSharp 1.4 alongside Apple’s new iOS 8. We brought you full compatibility with iOS 8 and took advantage of new capabilities — including the #1 most requested feature, which is deleting photos directly from CameraSharp without having to leave the app. Now you can do just that! Version 1.4 also enabled fully native iPad support.

Today we released another free update for CameraSharp. Version 1.5 now lets you select, share, and delete multiple items straight from the built-in photo viewer (on iOS 8+).

Multi-select: selection of multiple photos in CameraSharp built-in photo album viewer with delete and share buttons
Photo credits: A Tale Ahead Photography

An even cooler feature, unique to CameraSharp, is our powerful new multi-select gesture for the photo viewer. When in selection mode, to select a range of photos, tap-and-hold on the first photo you’d like to select and then tap on the last one. This will quickly select all the photos in between!

We also added several other new capabilities, including the oft-requested resolution control to allow shooting lower-resolution photos, and a switch to hide or show the zoom slider.

CameraSharp best, high, medium, low camera photo resolution setting

And of course, we fixed bugs and made improvements under the hood as always. Hope you enjoy the new update, and please send any feedback our way!