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iOS 6 and app permissions

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iOS 6 introduces a new permission system for apps. Apps that read or write to the camera roll now require the new photos permission; prior to iOS 6, any app could save photos to the camera roll but required the location permission to read from it (as discussed previously). Though the new system might be confusing at first, we welcome the change as it provides users greater control over what apps can and can’t do with their data.

As a result, CameraSharp no longer requires the location permission to display your photos — due to the increased granularity of the permission system, it’s now necessary for geotagging only. The new photos permission is all that’s needed to take and display your photos.

If you inadvertently denied CameraSharp permission to access your photos when you first ran the app, then the app won’t work. Here’s how to fix that:

First, open the Settings app and tap on Privacy (you may have to scroll down a bit):

Privacy menu item in the iPhone Settings app on iOS 6


Next, find the Photos permission:

Photos item in the Privacy iPhone settings menu on iOS 6


Finally, move the slider next to CameraSharp to be in the “ON” position.…

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mCAMLITE: A worthy tool for creative iPhoneography

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I had the opportunity to try out the mCAMLITE recently. It’s a solid metal holder for your iPhone 4/4S with a lens mount accommodating a few lens specially designed for the iPhone camera. Overall, I was very pleased with the results which I’ll show here.

Above: mCAMLITE with the 37mm Wide Angle lens and external microphone attachment.

The first thing I noticed was the impressively solid and sturdy build quality. The case felt quite hefty, and the lens mount was precise, allowing easy attachment and removal while snugly holding the lens when attached. The next thing I saw was the size of the included 37mm lens: it’s much bigger than the iPhone’s standard lens, allowing it to gather more light and improve the picture quality. In addition, it also lets you get really close to your subjects and has a slight fisheye effect, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I tried out this lens with CameraSharp and got lots of great photos — here’s one of my favorites:

Above: Close-up, taken with mCAMLITE about 2 inches from Morgan’s nose.

As you might expect, the mCAMLITE and its lens works great with all of CameraSharp’s features, including all the different …

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CameraSharp and your privacy

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Update: The first part of this post applies only to iOS 4 and 5. In iOS 6, due to Apple’s improvements to its permission system, the album viewer requires only the new Photos permission and doesn’t need Location Services to be enabled any more.

You may have seen this screen if you’ve tried opening CameraSharp’s album viewer with Location Services disabled:

CameraSharp requires location services to display saved photos because of the way it accesses the Camera Roll. Because the app is fully integrated with the Camera Roll (we don’t use an app-specific storage area for photos), it has to ask iOS for permission to access your albums. Confusingly, the iOS permission for Location Services happens to be the same one that controls photo album access; we’re not entirely sure why Apple designed it that way, but that’s how it is.

Which brings us to the next topic: what does CameraSharp do with your data?

Here at Screensmudge, we take your privacy very seriously. We don’t like our privacy being invaded any more than you do. That said, CameraSharp does collect some usage data. In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to fully and clearly explain to our users what …

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Welcome to Our Blog!

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I am pleased to unveil the new screensmudge llc blog! We can now let everyone know about our upcoming applications and updates. At the same time, we are all very excited to have just moved into our new office right by the Pike Place Market here in Seattle. A festive atmosphere, a Chipotle, and a Starbucks right next door provides a perfect environment for us to continue to create exciting new products. I hope this blog also gives everyone the opportunity to comment and discuss our products. We weigh your feedback very heavily. Thanks for the continued support!…

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