CameraSharp and your privacy

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Update: The first part of this post applies only to iOS 4 and 5. In iOS 6, due to Apple’s improvements to its permission system, the album viewer requires only the new Photos permission and doesn’t need Location Services to be enabled any more.

You may have seen this screen if you’ve tried opening CameraSharp’s album viewer with Location Services disabled:

CameraSharp requires location services to display saved photos because of the way it accesses the Camera Roll. Because the app is fully integrated with the Camera Roll (we don’t use an app-specific storage area for photos), it has to ask iOS for permission to access your albums. Confusingly, the iOS permission for Location Services happens to be the same one that controls photo album access; we’re not entirely sure why Apple designed it that way, but that’s how it is.

Which brings us to the next topic: what does CameraSharp do with your data?

Here at Screensmudge, we take your privacy very seriously. We don’t like our privacy being invaded any more than you do. That said, CameraSharp does collect some usage data. In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to fully and clearly explain to our users what kind of data gets collected.

We do collect usage information that directly helps us make product decisions, eventually resulting in happier users. Below is a complete summary of the data we collect:

  • The number of times you used certain modes (e.g. anti-shake).
  • Which app settings (bubble level, grid, etc) are on/off and how many times they’ve been toggled.
  • Which version of CameraSharp, iOS, and device (iPad 2/iPhone 4/etc) you’re using.
  • A numerical identifier to analyze long-term usage of the app. The identifier is generated totally randomly in CameraSharp 1.2.1 and above. Earlier versions sent a one-way hash of your device’s unique identifier (UDID), but because it was irreversibly hashed using a cryptographically secure algorithm before transmission, neither we nor anybody else can obtain your actual UDID from the hashed version that is sent.

We don’t collect:

  • Anything not listed above. This includes things like…
  • Your current location, your photos’ geotagged locations, or anything else location-related.
  • Your saved images, photo metadata, album information, etc. We don’t even collect non-sensitive information like the number of photos in your albums.
  • Really, anything and everything not in the section above is off-limits to us.

We hope you’ll agree that the data we choose to collect is very fair, is respectful of your privacy, and works toward the goals of both Screensmudge and you, the user: a better CameraSharp.

Still have a concern? Just leave a comment or email us and we’ll be sure to get back to you.