CameraSharp 1.3.1 is now available in the app store

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Screensmudge proudly announces the availability of CameraSharp 1.3.1, now available today in the iOS App Store.

CameraSharp photo of a bird flying from its perch


This new update brings iOS 7 compatibility while still retaining full functionality and peak performance on iOS 4.3. CameraSharp works on all iOS devices with a camera.

CameraSharp 1.3.1 also introduces an audible bubble level, the first of its kind, primarily intended for use by our visually-impaired users who have a hard time using a purely-visual bubble level. The audible level is also great for sighted photographers who are holding the camera at an awkward position but still want to get a level shot.

To enable it, open up CameraSharp’s settings menu, choose Sounds, and check the bubble level item. Based on how you’re holding your camera, you’ll hear three different tones, one for each axis, beeping at different intervals. (Since you can only have two axes level at any given time, depending on how you’re holding your device, you’ll only hear up to two different tones at any given time.) The faster the beeping, the more off-level that axis is; the slower the beeping, the more level it is. When the device is perfectly level, you will hear silence.

It might seem a bit strange at first, but our users have found it quick and easy to get used to. Give it a try!

CameraSharp setting submenu showing audible bubble level for sight impared photographers

In addition, we’ve fixed a variety of minor bugs and glitches and have improved the app’s performance. We hope you like the update!