CameraSharp 1.2 is in the app store!

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Last October we released CameraSharp 1.1, which fixed dozens of bugs and added several cool new features including big button mode, continuous mode, and an enhanced bubble level. We also made CameraSharp faster than ever, allowing you to have a feature-rich camera app ready at a moment’s notice.

We’re proud to now announce the availability of CameraSharp 1.2, another major update that brings a revamped album viewer which is both more capable and much, much faster than the previous one. Our users are even more excited about 1.2 than the highly successful 1.0 release — we’ve received almost 200,000 new downloads of CameraSharp 1.2 in just the first 72 hours!

Above: Continuous mode with the self-timer being activated.

Above: Big button mode showing typical backwards dog behavior.

We have a lot in mind for the next version of CameraSharp, but we’d love to hear your thoughts too: what would you like to see in CameraSharp 1.3?